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Vanilla and Silver (17k) -- DSc1110
    Category:  Fluff, MSR, baby makes three  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  "A gift from Mulder: a night of relaxation."
    Lara's Rec:  Damn, this is romantic.  A bubble bath, new jammies, dinner, wine, a fire, an old quilt, a favorite book, silver nail polish. . .  That Scully is one lucky lady.  The notes are a beautiful touch, gentle and sweet.  This story gives me the warm fuzzies every time I read it.

Vicious Kiss (9k) -- Isahunter
    Category:  M/K Slash  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  The Red and The Black
    Summary:  Was "The Red and The Black" truly the first time they kissed?
    Lara's Rec:  My favorite kind of Mulder/Krycek slash is that which delves into the complex mind of Alex Krycek.  He's a fascinating character, unapologetic in his bad-guy-ness (I refuse to call him evil; I just think his loyalties are for sale to the highest bidder), and I for one have always picked up on just a touch of sexual tension between him and Mulder.  Isahunter builds a possible history between the two that goes beyond what we see onscreen, and Krycek tells about it in a heartbreakingly genuine way.

Visions of MulderPlums (43k) -- Char Chaffin
    Category:  MSR, Dual POV, HolidayFic  |  Rating:  NC-17 (some language, but mostly sexual schmoop)  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  When will Mulder learn to keep Scully away from Vodka Shooters?  Never, if the end result ends in his favor. . .
    Lara's Rec:  Char wrote at least three Christmas/New Year's Eve stories in 2000, and while I loved "Smother Love and Drop Pants" (which can be found at her site), this one is my favorite.  Why?  Lots of reasons -- the dress, the shoes, the mistletoe, the vodka. . . but most of all, the extremely literate smut.  Yes, literate smut.  Char's use of language here is exceptional -- flowing and lyrical, almost poetic.  Yes, poetic smut.  Just read it, you'll see.



Waiting for Agent Right (external link) -- Kel
    Category:  Story, humor  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Travelers (set in 1st season)
    Summary:  Killing time in an anonymous airport.  Mulder wants a toaster.
    Lara's Rec:  I love stories set early in Mulder & Scully's partnership, when they're a little flirty and still getting to know each other.  And it's even better when they're not all angsty.  Kel's depiction of an interminable airport wait -- complete with Mulder sloshed on complimentary champagne and Scully trying desperately to rein him in -- is an absolute scream!

Waking Up Twice (20k) -- Georgia
    Category:  not listed  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  All Things
    Summary:  Frank said it, not me. . . we saw Scully wake up not once but twice in Mulder's apartment last season.
    Lara's Rec:  A missing-scene fic for both "Sein Und Zeit" and "All Things," this story gives me chills.  The desperation of the first encounter, the undeniable love of the second, the denial and refusal to deal with anything in between. . .  Georgia knows these characters, knows how they react.  The things they say, the things they don't.  The intensity here is powerful.

Watercolors (24k) -- Flynn
    Category:  post-ep  |  Rating:  strong R for language, adult content  |  Spoilers:  Empedocles
    Summary:  I don't trust my memories.  They're watercolors. . . blending and merging until I can't tell where one ends and another begins.
    Lara's Rec:  Flynn takes an interesting approach to Mulder's apparent distance and uncertainty in "Three Words" and other late-8th season episodes -- what if he doesn't remember?  What if fantasy and reality have gotten mixed up in his mind and he really doesn't remember if he and Scully were lovers before his abduction?  Mulder's confusion and pain are genuine here, as is his relief when he finally just asks her.  There's some lovely imagery in this story.

The Way They Do Things (2k) -- Susan Frankovich
    Category:  vignette, third person POV  |  Rating:  not rated  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  I like the way they do things. . .
    Lara's Rec:  From the first line to the last, this vignette enchants me.  The portrait it paints of devoted parents who love each other deeply is gentle and touching, using simple words and genuine emotions.  Absolutely lovely.

What She's Lost (24k) -- Jamie Greco
    Category:  S  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  Scully visits Mulder's therapist (a recurring character for me).
    Lara's Rec:  I love the beginning and ending of this story -- what they say about Scully and her connection to Mulder, her need for him.  Her conversations with Mulder's therapist ring very true, as do her light-bulb realizations (at least, from my own experiences with therapy, that's how it works).  My favorite line is this one -- "Maybe that's why I came here.  Not because I can't find Mulder, but because I can't find me."  Her personal revelations, about the way she's changed over the years, about her place in Mulder's life, are moving.

What to Expect (20k) -- Jamie Greco
    Category:  not listed  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Scully is visited by a number of the men in her life, none of whom are expected.
    Lara's Rec:  What I love so much about this story is its unassuming nature -- we begin in an almost innocuous place, but we're left with something very powerful.  The sweetly suggestive phone conversation with the Gunmen is adorable, but Skinner's visit triggers an emotional release, both from Scully and for the reader.  What touched me the most, though, were the conversations with Mulder -- the last one tore at my heart.

Where There's a Will (129k) -- Andrea
    Category:  S, MSR, Scully angst, Scully POV  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  6th season
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  There's not a conspiracy or X-file in sight, but Andrea's depiction of Mulder & Scully's relationship in light of unforeseen events is perfectly in character.  Scully's insecurites about her place in Mulder's life are the focus here, but the story also explores the nature of marriage and parenthood.  There are some lovely mommy- and daddy-moments here.

White Noise, White Wave (9k) -- Shahara Zade
    Category:  not classified  |  Rating:  R-ish for violence.  Squick warnings: a minor (as in person under the age of 18) propositions an adult (nothing happens though)  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  Hardboiled!Doggett, sixteen years later.  Everything you never wanted to see happen.
    Lara's Rec:  Dark and foreboding, this post-apocalyptic story paints a dismal picture of the future.  Doggett's view of the world around him is vivid here, the pictures painted springing to grimy life.  But he sees something in the young man he's talking to -- maybe a sense of hope, maybe of desperation.  The resolution here is sad and inevitable, and skillfully told.

Whom My Soul Loveth (external link) -- Marguerite
    Category:  Post-ep  |  Rating:  PG-13 for language  |  Spoilers:  Brand X
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  A wonderful "Brand X" missing-scene fic, eloquent in the telling.  Told through Skinner's eyes, we get to see Dr. Scully in a frenzy to save Mulder's life, then Dana holding onto his soul -- all while Skinner watches, guilt and envy coursing through him.  Marguerite's prose is powerful in its simplicity, vivid in its emotion.

The Witch Hunter (39k) -- Annette Gisby
    Category:  MSR, Alternate Universe/Past life  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  I'm not usually a fan of past-life stories -- despite having the same or similar names, most of the time the characters bear little resemblance to the people I've come to know and love.  Annette's story is different.  Lady Katherine is a healer, Sir Alexander a twisted and devious man, Lord Fox noble and strong.  The story is well-told, with a powerful ending.

Within the Heart of a Mother (14k) -- Char Chaffin
    Category:  MSR, Babyfic vignette  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  A page from the life of a child-to-be. . .
    Lara's Rec:  I smile all the way through this story every time I read it.  An incredibly sweet and hopeful look at the future and the present, Char's Mulder & Scully are wonderfully loving parents.  Scully's vision of her daughter's life isn't perfect, but it isn't fraught with danger either (well, except where Potter's Hill is concerned) -- and dammit, I want a puppy named Butter too!

Woman's Work (external link) -- M. Sebasky
    Category:  Scully POV.  Angst.  Trauma.  Sorrow.  Breast-beating.  Garment rending.  All that good stuff.  |  Rating:  R.  As so often happens in life, this is an adult in an adult situation.  But there's no profanity this time.  It's all subject matter.  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  I love this story.  It's not a happy little post-"Requiem" tale -- it's dark and possibly disturbing.  The Dana Scully who tells this story is a woman who's accepted that sometimes she has to do things she doesn't necessarily want to do -- but she does them, knowing she's acting for the greater good.  M.'s Scully voice is unerring, lyrical and emotionally evocative.



You Can't Go Home Again (74k) -- Leigh Alexander
    Category:  SRA  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Existence
    Summary:  Mulder's the father, they've kissed and supposedly walked off happily into the sunset.  Or have they?  What happens next, and will Mulder really stick around to be the perfect dad?  Can you really go home again after being abducted, tortured and buried alive?
    Lara's Rec:  "Happily Ever After" is a concept that frequently applies to MSR fic -- but I don't believe it'll ever apply to the show.  It's just not the nature of television to remove elements of conflict, of drama.  Leigh reminds us of that in this extremely angsty story, letting us watch as Mulder processes his feelings after that last scene in "Existence."  His fear and pain are tangible reminders that he and Scully, and now William, live in an uncertain world, live uncertain lives.  Mulder is fascinating to watch here, baring all to the reader (and to himself) but not to Scully, not just yet.  The end of the story is particularly satisfying, because it is an end, not necessarily a resolution.

You're Not Supposed to Be Here (23k) -- nikki
    Category:  crossover  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  When two worlds that were never meant to meet collide.  Or guess who's in the shower with Bobby Ewing.
    Lara's Rec:  It's hard to know how much to say about how I felt about this story without saying too much about the story itself.  I think that's a testament to nikki's talent and skill as a writer.  I was completely wrapped up in the plot, the characterizations, all the twists and turns. . .  I adored everything about this story.



Zombies in a Newer Age (30k) -- David Stoddard-Hunt
    Category:  S, A, MSR  |  Rating:  PG-13 (language)  |  Spoilers:  Three Words
    Summary:  What kinds of things come back from the dead?
    Lara's Rec:  "Three Words" was an intriguing episode, filled with unanswered questions.  David doesn't answer everything here -- if he did, I wouldn't like this story so much.  He gives us a few snippets of emotion, some pieces of information, traces of reactions to unfathomable events -- then he blends them all together with amazingly in-character introspection.  Mulder's insight is especially telling, as he works his way through his own emotions and Scully's to figure out where he belongs now that he's come back from the dead.  Lovely work.



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