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Updated August 12, 2002

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Sacraments (53k) -- EmGee
    Category:  SRA; Mulder/Scully/Skinner romance, slash  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  Existence
    Summary:  Skinner angst.  Lots and lots of Skinner angst.
    Lara's Rec:  After everything that happened to him in the 8th season, not even Walter Skinner could remain stoic and strong.  EmGee takes him to the very edge in this extremely angsty story, then lets Mulder & Scully throw him a lifeline.  I'm not usually a fan of alternating first-person POVs, but EmGee succeeds here, mostly because Skinner and Mulder (and Scully, to a lesser degree) are in such vastly different states of mind, and because she chooses just the right parts of the story for each of them to tell.  Their tentative steps toward a deeper relationship are touching and geniune.

Scarred (16k) -- Gwinne
    Category:  MSR  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  He's ba-ack!
    Lara's Rec:  Gwinne's quiet little story tells of two people working their way back to each other ever so slowly.  Her Mulder and Scully both carry battle scars, and their explorations of them are at once funny and poignant.  Most heart-tugging are the moments when they wonder if they're too scarred, and their reassurances are gentle and loving.

Scenes series (external link) -- Beduini
    Category:  MSR  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  Millennium
    Summary:  This is a series of six stand-alone vignettes or scenes collectively depicting progress through the relationship.
    Lara's Rec:  Beduini's summary doesn't do these stories justice.  They're delicate, heartfelt tales of love and longing, desire and patience, the need to get to know one another on many levels -- all leading to a resolution that I was looking forward to almost as much as Mulder & Scully were.  Read them all, one right after the other.  They're absolutely beautiful.

Scenes in Dark Rooms (external link) -- Maddie LeClerc
    Category:  VA, Sk/D, sexual situations, consensual m/m sex  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  DeadAlive
    Summary:  Skinner tries to explain.
    Lara's Rec:  The Author's Note on this story mentions a moment, a heartbeat, a "scorching look" between Skinner and Doggett in "DeadAlive" -- Maddie picks up on that look and runs with it, creating an incredibly hot relationship between these two.  But more than the heat is the level of character development Maddie shows us -- not only how Skinner sees himself with Doggett, but how he sees himself with Mulder & Scully.  As he stands over Mulder's hospital bed and tries to find his moral compass again, Skinner's anguish is palpable.  Damn, this is fine writing.

Scully, NORAD Called. . . (external link) -- dlynn
    Category:  vignette, angst, MSR  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Existence
    Summary:  "Yeah, Dad. . . tell us how it was."  Scully raised her left eyebrow in the way that she did when she knew she had him.  "I want to hear again about how you chased away fifty aliens. . . it was fifty, wasn't it, Mulder?"
    Lara's Rec:  Parents love to embellish.  Mine have done it, and my sisters have done it with their children.  So it's no wonder that Mulder would pad the story of William's birth just a bit, exaggerating here and there for effect.  But this gentle look at Mulder & Scully's life with their son five years into the future isn't always the happily-ever-after they crave -- the devil is still at the gates, and both of Will's parents work tirelessly to protect not only him but the rest of the world as well.  This is a lovely tale, full of vivid imagery and tender emotion.

The Secret Language of Babies (26k) -- ML
    Category:  MSR, S, Mulder POV  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Mulder's turn to get up with the baby.
    Lara's Rec:  Here's what I love about this story -- father/son bonding; physical repercussions of Mulder's abduction not often addressed in fanfic (including my own stories); a very real sense of history and a possible future; a plausible explanation for all that chattering babies do.  This is an incredibly gentle and loving look at a beautiful family.

Secrets Among Socks (14k) -- Rachel Woods
    Category:  MSR  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  Requiem [Per Manum]
    Summary:  My idea of what happened between the fabled characters in the past couple of years.
    Lara's Rec:  The dates for the flashback scenes in "Per Manum" were pretty non-specific, and that's been a challenge for fanfic writers.  Where do we place those events in the grand scheme of things?  Rachel's exploration makes sense, taking into account all the ups and downs of Mulder & Scully's relationship over the last two seasons.  She even gives us a bonus -- a sort of talisman, a symbol of what they mean to each other, what's at stake in their personal relationship.  A sweet story.

The Sequel (7k) -- Georgia
    Category:  not listed  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  An alternate take on "Requiem."
    Lara's Rec:  A sweet, touching, gentle look at "Requiem," with hints of "Hollywood A.D." on the side.  Georgia's depiction of Mulder & Scully is loving and tender, and this story makes me smile.

Sexual Healing (external link) -- rah
    Category:  pregnancy smut; PWP  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  Vienen
    Summary:  After nearly four months of uncertainty, three more of grief, and this last seven weeks of undefined confusion and frustration, I *need^ this. . .
    Lara's Rec:  There wasn't much pregnancy smut written during season 8.  I'm sure that's because Mulder was gone most of the time, but still, I'd have thought there would've been more.  Not to worry, though -- rah's got it covered.  This hot little songfic (yes, Marvin Gaye's soulful tune makes an appearance) is just what the doctor ordered.

Shards of Porcelain (19k) -- Kelly Keil
Category:  V, A, M/K  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  Memento Mori
    Summary:  Broken dolls and self-delusion.
    Lara's Rec:  A follow-up of sorts for Kelly's "Undertow" (also on this archive), this story delves into the strangely symbiotic relationship between Mulder and Krycek.  Their mutual need is a backdrop here -- Mulder's guilt and self-loathing are front and center.  He's almost a nuisance to Krycek, who at times seems to merely tolerate him rather than care about him.  Both these men are as fragile as the china doll Mulder talks about, and they keep breaking each other and getting cut on the shards.  Kelly's style and use of language are exquisite.

She Is (6k) -- Abra Elliott
    Category:  MSR, Johndoggett POV  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Within
    Summary:  Doggett finds more than fish food in Mulder's desk drawer.
    Lara's Rec:  I've often wondered if Mulder, like Scully, keeps a journal.  In Abra's story he does, and Doggett's reading of it gives him immense insight into the man.  Starting as a record of his work on the X-files, Mulder's journal evolves into a history of his relationship with Scully, both professional and personal.  Abra has a real handle on how Mulder might record all this, and seeing him and their relationship through Doggett's eyes is a lovely touch.  Call me sappy, but I love Mulder's last journal entry.

Shifts of Fortune (9k) -- Leslie Sholly
    Category:  VRA  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Scully and the Lone Gunmen share good news and bad.
    Lara's Rec:  There are so many beautiful elements of discovery here -- Scully's realization that the Gunmen are her friends; their similar reactions to her news; hers to theirs when they tell her what happened in Oregon; her moments of doubt, of fear that she'll be alone; and finally, her transformation from Dana to Agent Scully, taking control of the situation.  Her moments alone with Frohike and on her own at the end are unabashedly emotional.  Lovely.

Ship Building (113k) -- Jess M
    Category:  X-File (sort of), Mytharc, MSR  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  Millennium
    Summary:  When THEY set out to break Scully, Mulder steps in.
    Lara's Rec:  A gruesome casefile involving child molestation and murder leads Mulder & Scully to a greater understanding of both their relationship and the nature of their fight against their enemies.  The slow but intense pace at which they move from their New Year's Eve kiss to a deeper relationship is a perfect counterpoint to the horror of the case.  Jess' characterizations are beautiful, and her  use of metaphor is quite lovely.

Silent Touches (11k) -- Scullysfan
    Category:  VR  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  I love stories told with little or no dialogue, especially when they're as skillfully told as this one.  Scullysfan weaves an exquisite tapestry of touch and silence, of soft passion and quiet love, all wrapped up in bubbles and candlelight.  Lovely, evocative storytelling.

Since Thursday (9k) -- Lucy Garner
    Category:  V/A/DAL  |  Rating:  G  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  At the end of a few trying days.
    Lara's Rec:  Lucy has created a marvelous little slice of life that resonates with me.  The dialogue sparkles with the kind of witty banter we've come to expect from Mulder & Scully.  The situation is appropriately grim, and we're only told as much as we need to know.  The characterizations are sharp and on-target, and the affection between these two is evident in their every action.  Just beautiful.

Sins of Omission (33k) -- mountainphile
    Category:  MSR, S, D, vignette  |  Rating:  PG-13 for language  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  Too many important things were left to chance.
    Lara's Rec:  I must admit to a touch of beta-bias here, but this story impressed me so much I had to recommend it here no matter what.  The characterizations are near perfect -- Skinner, Scully, Doggett, and someone we met once before, now seen in a different light that makes total sense.  I love Doggett here -- he's noble and protective without really knowing why.  And the scene between Scully and Skinner at the beginning is just fabulous.

Six of a Kind (17k) -- Cincoflex & jerry
    Category:  S, H  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Friends gather; storytelling ensues.
    Lara's Rec:  Sweetly sentimental, with a bit of history, a lot of levity and a touch of serious contemplation.  The authors have given us fully fleshed out portraits of Chuck and the Gunmen, gathered to play Monopoly and reminisce about old times with Mulder.  Scully listens mostly, contributes a little, bringing the story's most touching moment.  This is an incredibly touching story.

Skinman on Campus (15k) -- ML
    Category:  Skinner POV  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Existence
    Summary:  The groves of academe beckon.
    Lara's Rec:  Inspired by a title challenge ("write a story with this title"), ML has created a wholly plausible post-"Existence" world for Mulder, Scully and William -- one that includes Skinner as an important part of their lives.  The Big Guy is his surly self, with some introspective touches that work beautifully.  His melancholy and self-doubt are very much a part of who he is now, and ML explores that part of him delicately, lovingly.  (A bonus:  ML has turned this into a series!)

Sleeping Beauty (8k) -- Sagan
    Category:  V, MSR  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  As she sleeps on his chest, Mulder muses.
    Lara's Rec:  Sweet and gentle, lyrical and comforting, with just the right amount of romance -- Sagan pushes lots of my buttons here.  How could I help but love this story?  The characterizations are right on target, and the narrative is evocative.

Small Lives Awake (external link) -- Jesemie's Evil Twin
    Category:  M/S, Story, Oddness, Alt-U  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  Je Souhaite
    Summary:  Thanksgiving, 2000.  "For it is important that awake people be awake, or a breaking line may discourage them back to sleep; the signals we give -- yes or no, or maybe -- should be clear: the darkness around us is deep." - William Stafford
    Lara's Rec:  Slow Dance, Illinois.  The kind of small town where everybody knows everybody else.  Where Mulder & Scully spend Thanksgiving 2000.  No, not because of work, although they do encounter an X-file, but because they want to.  JET's storytelling is magical, rich with atmosphere and character.  Everyone is real, from Mr. Kingsman to Miri, and emotions are genuine.  God, this is beautiful.

Small White Comfort (3k) -- Kelly Moreland
    Category:  V  |  Rating:  G  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Neatly folded, and tucked away on his bookshelf, was a letter with no date.
    Lara's Rec:  A beautiful, unabashedly emotional slice of life.  Scully finds a letter from Mulder that's so much more than just a simple letter -- it's his heart on paper.  Kelly's little story packs a big emotional punch.

Snow Day (14k) -- Tess
    Category:  SAR  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  7th season
    Summary:  It's a snow day!
    Lara's Rec:  There's very little better than staying home on a snow day -- unless it's staying home on a snow day with the person you love, sipping coffee and munching waffles and confessing your secret fears.  Tess vividly describes all those elements of Mulder & Scully's day at home, along with some very sexy reminiscing and a lot of real emotion.

Sojourn (9k) -- Amanda Wilde (MaybeAmanda)
    Category:  VA - Per Manum missing scene/vignette type thing.  Lots of angst.  Equally shipper and noromo unfriendly.  |  Rating:  S for Squeaky  |  Spoilers:  Per Manum
    Summary:  Just tell her.
    Lara's Rec:  It's amazing how much can go on in a person's mind in a really short period of time -- like, say, from your car to your partner's apartment door.  Amanda takes us through Mulder's decision-making process in a most unique and thoroughly endearing way.  Her style is delightful, and her Mulder is just the right blend of. . . well, every aspect of his multi-faceted personality.

Some Books About Crooks (14k) -- Sabine
    Category:  S/D, some Mulder  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  "I'm full of surprises," he said.  /  "Yes," she said.  "You are."
    Lara's Rec:  Need is a powerful thing, overwhelming at times.  In this exquisitely realized story, Sabine explores the nature of need, the absurdity of comparison, the ache of loneliness.  Her biggest accomplishment, to my mind, is that she's able to tell this story without letting either character appear selfish.

Someone Else (2k) -- Susan Frankovich
    Category:  vignette written with only 155 words  |  Rating:  not rated  |  Spoilers:  Without
    Summary:  While in captivity, Mulder can hear Scully. . . and someone else.
    Lara's Rec:  Some time back, someone came up with the idea of writing stories using only 155 words.  Most of them are just exercises in brevity, but in Susan's capable hands they're finely crafted vignettes.  This one, her third, is a lovely take on Scully's moment in the desert looking up at the stars in "Without."  Susan articulates Mulder's bond with his partner in a lyrical, albeit economical, fashion.

Something Less (7k) -- Meredith
    Category:  V, MSR  |  Rating:  not rated  |  Spoilers:  This is Not Happening
    Summary:  Not quite pity; not quite love; not quite life.
    Lara's Rec:  Intense emotion followed by nothing -- that's how these three people deal with their pain.  Meredith takes us through Doggett's, Skinner's and Scully's almost-immediate reactions to the events of "TINH" -- varied though they are, they all lead to the same place, the same conclusion:  nothing.  Nothing left to do but grieve.  While each segment is gripping, Scully's is by far the most heartbreaking.

Start as You Mean to Go On (external link) -- Mare
    Category:  VA  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  4-D
    Summary:  This man has already lost most of what's important to him and I'm about to take away what's left, so I have to be strong, even if I don't feel that way.
    Lara's Rec:  A superb missing-scene fic from my favorite 9th season episode so far, Mare shows us the moment when Doggett finds out exactly what happened to him -- and she lets Scully be the one to tell him.  The friendship and trust that has developed between them takes center stage here, and the genuine affection they feel for each other is palpable.  Outstanding characterizations, especially Doggett.

Stay (18k) -- Emma Brightman
    Category:  VA  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  This is Not Happening
    Summary:  He lost Mulder by not paying attention; he won't lose her the same way.
    Lara's Rec:  In Emma's telling of the aftermath of "TINH," Scully is a rock -- taking charge of everything, making all the arrangements, staying busy -- leaving Skinner to follow in her wake, watching and hoping to be there to pick up the inevitable pieces.  His need to be needed is sad and noble, and his relief when she finally does need him is sweetly touching.  Emma has a firm grasp on Skinner's character, and I can hear his voice in her writing.

Staying Late (4k) -- Maidenjedi   
    Category:  not classified  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  One Son
    Summary:  An assistant's job is never done.
    Lara's Rec:  One of my favorite new places to hang out is a mailing list/archive called the Harem, which focuses on the supporting female characters (the Other Women) in the show.  Lots of good stories have come out of challenges on that list, more often than not posed by Maidenjedi.  This story is an answer to a Jeffrey Spender challenge, but it features one of the best portrayals of an Other Woman I've read.  Even though the character only popped up onscreen a few times, you can hear the actress' voice in Maidenjedi's words.  Outstanding work.

Still Life (3k) -- Fiona
    Category:  not listed  |  Rating:  G  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  Ewwww mushy babyfic! <spits>
    Lara's Rec:  I love this kind of sweet, gooey little story.  This one, as Scully looks at the pictures taken during her baby's birth, just gives me warm fuzzies all over.  And Mulder is so adorable here. . . sigh. . .

Strange Glue (6k) -- Laura Kaye
    Category:  V, A, Sk/Sc  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  The end of the night never comes too quickly for me.
    Lara's Rec:  We got a good look at Skinner's guilt in "Requiem" and "Within."  Laura gives us so much more -- guilt, recrimination, need, comfort, tears. . . with Mulder's presence still a force to be dealt with.  The ending is chilling, perfect.  Laura's a new writer, and if this story is any indication, she'll be around for awhile.

Strawberries in Winter (32k) -- Gina Rain
    Category:  MSR, A, H  |  Rating:  R (sexual content and a bit of naughty language)  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  Christmas, 2001.  Mulder and Scully try to deal with a holiday that has not been historically pleasant for either of them.
    Lara's Rec:  Therapy is a good thing.  Mulder discovers that not long after his return, but it takes longer for Scully -- when it finally kicks in, the Ghost of Christmas Past appears in a big way.  To help make their baby's first Christmas something special, Mulder reinvents the holiday.  This is sweet, romantic and sexy, with a lot going on in a relatively short story.  Mulder's voice in particular is dead on, and he's absolutely adorable in his efforts to make Scully happy.

Strike a Deal (12k) -- spookycc
    Category:  V A  |  Rating:  R - for violence and language  |  Spoilers:  Three Words
    Summary:  Krycek offers Agent Doggett a deal.
    Lara's Rec:  The best (so far) of spookycc's Doggett-centered post-eps for the 8th season, the author gets to show off an outstanding Krycek voice and a nicely realized moment of clarity for Mulder.  Krycek's a real bastard here, seizing on any opportunity that presents itself with his characteristic viciousness and twisted humor.  Excellent work.

Submerged (17k) -- Jssangel
    Category:  S/MSR/UST  |  Rating:  R? for sexual situations  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Where do babies come from?
    Lara's Rec:  I love it when writers pick up on stuff from earlier in the series' timeline and bring it back later on -- Jssangel did just that here, and did it masterfully.  Her Scully voice is perfect, both in narration and in flashback dialogue as she indulges in some sweet memories.

Sugarland (24k) -- Pacquin   
    Category:  MSR, Angst  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  The Truth
    Summary:  Scully struggles with her choice; Mulder gives her another.
    Lara's Rec:  Pacquin's incredibly thoughtful story gives us a Scully who's second-guessing herself and a Mulder willing to do anything for her, anything to make her happy.  There are so many wonderful moments here, the place so vivid, the dialogue (internal and external) so true.  An exquisite story.

Sunset (14k) -- Foxsong
    Category:  V, M/S Married  |  Rating:  G  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  In the end, Mulder finds absolution.
    Lara's Rec:  The idea of Mulder & Scully growing old together makes me smile.  Foxsong's tale of endless love and devotion turns that smile into a full-on grin.  Mulder's adoration is moving, even though he considers his role as caregiver to be the least he could do for her, to repay her for everything she's done for him over the years.  Foxsong's nearly-ninety Mulder is perfectly in character, and her wheelchair-bound Scully is gently, beautifully realized.

Suttee (external link) -- Jintian
    Category:  Scully/Doggett, smidgen of MSR  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  The ascending stage of a cycle.
    Lara's Rec:  Chilling, this story.  Doggett's voice is perfect here, angry and vulnerable.  Scully's voice is damn fine too, distant and needy.  Jintian explores these dichotomies in an exquisitely heart-wrenching way.  By the time it's all over, I feel for both of these sad, lonely people.



Take Another Breath (18k) -- mountainphile
    Category:  V, MSR  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Detour
    Summary:  What thoughts linger in Scully's mind, with an injured, sleeping Mulder in her arms. . . ?
    Lara's Rec:  I love stories about earlier episodes written later in the series, even if that earlier episode was just in the 5th season.  With little to do but think during that long night, Scully turns quite introspective, contemplating her life's choices and where they've led her.  A beautifully written vignette.

Taking in a Stray (12k) -- Vickie Moseley
    Category:  A, A, more A, UST  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  3
    Summary:  Late at night, Margaret Scully has a visitor.
    Lara's Rec:  For shippers, "3" wasn't the most popular episode of the series.  Vickie admirably provides some completely in-character post-ep emotions from Mulder while exploring the tenuous bond he formed with Scully's mother while she was missing.  The ending is gentle and sweet.

The Tallest Elf (7k) -- Article67
    Category:  Skinner fic/Christmas fluff?  |  Rating:  G all the way, baby  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  Christmas fluff?  Hardly.  Sweet and a little sad, with a touch of profound for good measure.  I was misty-eyed when I finished this story, and get misty again every time I re-read it -- so have the tissues ready.

Tarnished Gold, Hollow Faith (12k) -- Ms. AM
    Category:  V  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  A flicker of a reflection at Mulder's throat in his last scenes in "Requiem" led many, many of us to believe he was wearing Scully's cross -- but she was wearing it in "Within."  Ms. AM created this incredible story to explain how that might've happened.  Along the way, we're treated to some very romantic, very sensual memories of their time together.  Genuine emotions, vivid narrative.

The Tea (15k) -- Georgia
    Category:  not listed  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  Arcadia
    Summary:  Those who don't learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.
    Lara's Rec:  A deceptively simple little smutfic.  Sexy and romantic, hot and sweet -- exactly how I imagine Mulder & Scully might be at this point in their relationship.  Yes, I'm being obtuse.  Just read it, okay?

Temporary (17k) -- Mischa
    Category:  VAR, pre-colonisation?  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  8th season
    Summary:  In the dead of night, a reunion takes place as the end draws near.
    Lara's Rec:  In this compelling story, Mischa skillfully weaves threads of sadness and hope, of dread and fear and guarded optimism, of finality and uncertainty into a tapestry of darkness and falling stars.  The imagery is vivid and the characterizations are strong, particularly Scully and Mulder -- the scene between them is filled with powerful emotions and too many things left unsaid.

The Tending of Monsters (8k) -- Maria Nicole
    Category:  SA  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  The Gift
    Summary:  "They'll put a watch on you, and cut your phone lines, and take away your car--but they'll let you near him, because they don't want to take care of him themselves."
    Lara's Rec:  Maria's astonishing story involves certain guest characters in "The Gift," telling us their story from the time Doggett leaves that little town.  At once heartbreaking and horrifying, Maria's story fills in the gaps, the history of the town and the secret they share, giving us a backstory I didn't even realize I wanted until I read this.

Thanks of a Grateful Nation (17k) -- Sabine
    Category:  V, Other POV  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  En Ami
    Summary:  I serve at the pleasure of the President of the United States.
    Lara's Rec:  This crossover with Aaron Sorkin's The West Wing shows just how well Mulder & Scully can fit into Sorkin's world given the right circumstances.  Sabine tells this post-ep story through the eyes and voice of President Bartlet, and she perfectly captures his character, his personality, the cadence of his voice.  Scully's sacrifice and Mulder's pain show through brilliantly, especially in one quiet little moment near the end.

Thin Walls (external link) -- alanna
    Category:  MSR, a little humor, a little angst  |  Rating:  strong R for sexual situations  |  Spoilers:  Three Words
    Summary:  If these walls could talk. . .
    Lara's Rec:  Poor Doggett is caught between a rock and a hard place in this story -- stuck in a motel room next to Scully's when Mulder decides to pay a visit.  Worse, neither of them knows he's there, and neither of them knows how paper-thin the walls are.  Doggett's observations of these two as they rekindle their personal relationship are both funny and pathetic -- and his memories of married life and reflection on his current single status made my heart go out to him, third wheel that he is in this situation.  But alanna's Doggett is man enough to take something away from this experience, some new knowledge about his partner, and her partner -- and that makes him a good man.

This Isn't Over (4k) -- Anna Renick
    Category:  post-ep  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Existence
    Summary:  What happened in that parking garage.
    Lara's Rec:  Anna's Author's Notes beautifully express what I like so much about this story:  "I believe that what Skinner did he did because he believed it was necessary.  But I do not believe that means he would walk away from that night and never look back."  I agree with her completely, and I have a deep affection for stories like this one, that explore what his actions that night meant to him and the lasting effect they had.  Anna accomplishes that with great skill and passion.  Excellent work.

Those Better Angels of Our Nature (20k) -- CindyET
    Category:  V, MSR  |  Rating:  NC-17 (graphic sexual content, violent themes, language)  |  Spoilers:  Kill Switch
    Summary:  "It was war that destroyed Leonard Trimble's body. . . but his wounds went deeper than the loss of his limbs. . .  What destroyed those parts of him that make us human beings?  Those better angels of our nature?  I cannot say." - Fox Mulder in 'The Walk'
    Lara's Rec:  Remember that great sequence in "Kill Switch," when Mulder was taken into emergency surgery and we didn't know what was going on?  Cindy's premise in this amazing follow-up is that what he experienced could have had lasting psychological effects.  This complex, emotionally gripping story is one of the best, most fascinating pieces of fanfiction I've ever read.

Things Found (13k) -- Kestabrook
    Category:  V  |  Rating:  PG (for language)  |  Spoilers:  Closure
    Summary:  Mulder and Scully's wait at a mall turns up things lost. . . and found.
    Lara's Rec:  Mulder indulges in some introspection as he people-watches at a mall.  There are some lovely moments here as Mulder comes to realize just how necessary Scully is in his life, but what makes this story stand out is his realization of how much his quest to find his sister has cost him.

Three O'Clock (20k) -- JLB
    Category:  V, A, MSR  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Closure
    Summary:  sleeping and waking
    Lara's Rec:  I suffer from intermittent insomnia.  Frequently, I'll fall asleep just fine but wake up after a few hours; then I'll be unable to go back to sleep for a few more hours.  Sometimes, it's just damn near impossible to shut your mind off, even when you really want to.  Trust me when I tell you that JLB got it all right in this story.  Mulder's character is beautifully realized here.

Throwing Words Away (external link) -- alanna
    Category:  V, A, Doggett and Reyes  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  This is Not Happening
    Summary:  Some children never know their fathers.  Some fathers lose their children.
    Lara's Rec:  An incredibly sad little story, giving us some insight into Doggett's past and his relationship with Reyes.  alanna's characterizations are lovely, especially Reyes and the way she speaks of her work.  But the story's about children -- Doggett's child, and Scully's.  And about memories.  And about keeping both alive.  Lovely, lovely work.

Tidings (28k) -- Ambress
    Category:  MSR, A  |  Rating:  R, I think  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  lub-dub, lub-dub, lub-dub
    Lara's Rec:  Man, I love this story.  Everything about it is extraordinary -- the funny moments, like Scully's nickname for the baby and her musings about her "protuberance;" the sensual moments, remembering her nights with Mulder; and mostly, recovering Mulder and what comes after.  More than anything, that sets this one apart from most post-"Requiem" fics.  The last few scenes are especially evocative.

Tiger and Dragon (22k) -- bugs
    Category:  H, A, MSR  |  Rating:  mild NC-17 for some light smuttin' and some dirty words  |  Spoilers:  All Things [Per Manum]
    Summary:  Scully asks Mulder to come over and help rearrange her furniture.
    Lara's Rec:  Dana Scully practicing feng shui. . . okay, I've seen everything now.  But as bugs tells the story, it makes perfect sense.  Really.  What's so delightful here is the single-minded enthusiasm she brings to the project, just as she brings to everything she does -- and the way Mulder embraces this new facet of her personality.  The dialogue crackles, the narrative is rich with character development for both Mulder & Scully, and the implications of the ending make me sigh.  Oh, and the opening line is hysterical.

Tilt (6k) -- Michelle Kiefer
    Category:  Post-ep  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Pilot
    Summary:  It was as if the planet had tilted and the ground had dropped out from under her feet.
    Lara's Rec:  When the season 1 DVDs were released, we learned that Chris Carter had intended for Scully to have a boyfriend in the Pilot.  Although Ethan was relegated to the cutting-room floor, Michelle uses him with great success in this story about the aftermath of Mulder & Scully's first case together.  She paints a vivid portrait of their burgeoning partnership, of Scully's first inkling of how working on the X-Files will change her life, of Mulder's trust and concern for her.  Ethan never had a chance.

To Build a Dream On (34k) -- ML
    Category:  S  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Existence
    Summary:  Have we earned our rest?  Have we suffered enough?
    Lara's Rec:  The things Mulder said and did during the last few episodes of the 8th season puzzled a lot of viewers.  ML's view here is that they puzzled a lot of people on the show, too.  Here Mulder explains some things -- to us, to Scully, but mostly to himself.  ML writes a wonderful Mulder, full of hope and longing and pain and guilt. . . but in the end, his happiness is what defines him, the truth he's found with Scully and William.  This is a beautifully told tale.

To Dream of Caramel (4k) -- ML
    Category:  V, UST  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  Sittin' and thinkin'.
    Lara's Rec:  MulderMusings as he watches his partner sip an iced caramel latte -- fear and longing, want and need and insecurity.  ML has a firm handle on Mulder's inner voice, his innate attraction to Scully, his dread that she might not share his feelings, his reluctance to express those feelings.  This is a beautiful slice of life.

To Finish the Game (13k) -- Muldersfan (no current email address)
    Category:  VA  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Three Words
    Summary:  Everything is different after you're dead.  He's just now learning that.
    Lara's Rec:  A lot of fans were really angry about the way Mulder behaved toward Scully in "Three Words."  I wasn't -- I figured he was going through some sort of post-traumatic stress.  Muldersfan understood that too, and has shown us his journey through the flashbacks, the apathy, the anger. . .  As he eventually comes to realize that his feelings aren't going away anytime soon, he's finally able to communicate what he's feeling to Scully.  My favorite line:  "He can think of no kind way to break the news to them - that he isn't the Fox Mulder they know and remember."

Tonight, Tonight (22k) -- Twisted Sister
    Category:  M/Sc/Sk romance  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  5th season
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  Twisted Sister has an incredible talent for telling a three-way romance -- not just sex, but love too.  This evocative story deals with three lonely people who come together to fill the empty spaces in their souls, in their hearts.  A touch sappy at times (not that there's anything wrong with that), this is nevertheless a sweet well-told story.

Too Young to Party (12k) -- cofax
    Category:  not listed  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Closure
    Summary:  So take your hands off her/You find yourself another/Or you're gonna have to answer to her big brother
    Lara's Rec:  Another well-written entry in the Samantha Speculation genre, this story effectively skips back and forth between California and England in October of 1979.  cofax provides some needed and insightful backstory for two damaged people separated by time, distance and conspiracy.  Lovely.

Touches (2k) -- Susan Frankovich
    Category:  vignette, romance  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  His touches give me what I need. . .
    Lara's Rec:  What impresses me the most about Susan's work is the economy of it -- the way she packs so much power and emotion into a very few words, and the subtext says even more.  The words in this vignette may be about the physical, but the spirit behind the words is about the emotional.  Love, passion, devotion.  Exquisite.

Tourniquet (11k) -- Tara Avery
    Category:  V, A, MSR, other unmentionables  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  The Amazing Maleeni
    Summary:  "He takes the twine out of his pocket and winds it around his finger tightly, drowning one pain in another."
    Lara's Rec:  They say God is in the details -- if that's true, Tara's been blessed.  Every tiny little thing here, from the bagels to the lipstick to the memories, is vivid and evocative.  Another of those two-hour improvs, this little tale is frightening in its intensity and pain and sadness.

Treffen (14k) -- frogdoggie
    Category:  VRA, MSR, M/SK/SC friendship, SK/SC UST, LGM  |  Rating:  PG-13  |  Spoilers:  Without
    Summary:  Mulder and Scully reunion fic, frogdoggie style.  Skinner POV.  Some angst.  Character death, but not Mulder, Scully, Skinner or the LGM.
    Lara's Rec:  One of the best of the IWTB return-fic challenge stories, frogdoggie makes Mulder's rescue a group effort.  Skinner leads the charge, with able assistance from a few supporting players.  In crafting his scenario, frogdoggie goes back to events last touched upon in Fight the Future -- Tunisia and the bees.  A strong sense of history, loyalty and affection permeates this story, and it features the finest last line of dialogue I've read in a long time.

The Trick Is To Keep Breathing (14k) -- Dasha K
    Category:  S, R, little bit of H, little bit of A  |  Rating:  NC-17.  Yep, one of those.  |  Spoilers:  Fight The Future
    Summary:  What happens when Mulder and Scully walk off into the sunset?
    Lara's Rec:  Okay, this is the way Fight The Future should've ended.  It couldn't, of course, not in a PG-13-rated movie -- that's why we have fanfic.  And that's why I'm glad we have fanfic writers like Dasha K.  She writes perfect characterizations, excellent dialogue, and imaginative smut -- all wrapped up in believable plots and well executed stories.  And in this particular story, she gives us an ending that's a welcome dose of realism in our idealized fanfic world.  Great stuff here.

Triebe (32k) -- FabulousMonster
    Category:  MSR, A  |  Rating:  R (yes, there is sex)  |  Spoilers:  All Things
    Summary:  A person can't deny their destiny.
    Lara's Rec:  This is one of those stories that I've read over and over, that I really love, but that I can't quite put into words why I love it.  There are just so many wonderful things here -- the glimpses of Scully's childhood with her father, the second-person POV, the timetable of events, the depth of emotion, the idea of "Fox Mulder's 'lost girls'," the realistic first time, the references to past shared experiences. . .  Everything combines to make this an exquisite piece of work.

Turning and Returning (external link) -- Jori Remington
    Category:  CSR  |  Rating:  NC-17 for graphic m/m and a little m/f sex  |  Spoilers:  6th season
    Summary:  Years have passed since Fox Mulder and Harmon Rabb last met, but now they are drawn together again to investigate a series of mysterious deaths on a Naval base.  Written from Mulder's POV, the two men try to keep the past they once shared in proper perspective.
    Lara's Rec:  It takes a lot for a crossover fic to impress me (especially when there's a cross-series relationship involved), but Jori's managed to do it several times over.  This story, a crossover with JAG and the first in a series, impressed me from the get-go.  Her Mulder and Rabb are dead-on in character, both in the past and in the present.  What's more, the past scenario is entirely plausible -- which is saying a lot.  Exceptional work.

Twilight (25k) -- Avalon
    Category:  SMSR  |  Rating:  PG for some very mild language  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Scully must deal with Mulder's prolonged absence and their son's growing needs.
    Lara's Rec:  Aw, man. . . this one made me weepy.  Avalon's beautiful story of longing and hope is enhanced by a very real Scully and a heartbreakingly genuine original character in Will.   From the incredibly sweet scene between Scully and her son while he's in the bathtub to the achingly beautiful final scene, this fic is just gorgeous.

Two Fish Swimming (19k) -- Rachel Anton
    Category:  V  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  All Things
    Summary:  Mulder thinks about astrology and other things.
    Lara's Rec:  Probably my favorite post-"All Things" fic.  Scully is a Pisces, a water sign, a closet romantic.  Its visual symbol is two fish swimming in a circle.  Mulder is a Libra, an air sign.  A lover of beauty, its symbol the scales of justice, of balance.  Both are signs of duality and, as Mulder discovers, the fulfullment of the opposite -- "When he is absent, she is willing, open, extreme in her thinking.  When she is absent, he is closed, skeptical, bored."  I had some big problems with the episode, but Rachel's story clarified everything.



umbrella (13k) -- wen
    Category:  not listed  |  Rating:  not rated  |  Spoilers:  2nd season
    Summary:  strange rain-coloured snapshots of moments following scully's return from her abduction.
    Lara's Rec:  wen is an incredibly talented young writer -- I'm jealous as hell.  This story is another of those two-hour improvs, later dubbed "wenprovs," and it's just incredible.  The vivid imagery and emotional depth displayed here is profound, and the use of language is amazing.

Undertow (60k) -- Kelly Keil
    Category:  S, A, K/Sc, K/M, some slash  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  DeadAlive
    Summary:  I lose myself inside her.  I am she and she is me and Mulder's ghost is on the couch watching.  It's all insane.
    Lara's Rec:  The angst level is quite high in this exploration of the complicated relationship between Scully, Mulder and Krycek.  Kelly tells the story from Krycek's POV, going back to his first time with Mulder and through the events of "Requiem" -- then his developing relationship with Scully after Mulder disappears.  Krycek knows things, too, things he can't or won't tell either Mulder or Scully, and that knowledge weighs heavily on him.  What impresses me so much about this story is the obvious love in Krycek's narrative -- love for both of them -- and his palpable despair at the knowledge that they belong together and there's no real place for him in their world.

Under Your Bed, In the Closet, Behind You (6k) -- David Hearne
    Category:  post-ep  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  The Calusari
    Summary:  not summarized
    Lara's Rec:  "The Calusari" aired near the end of the 2nd season -- the one with the toddler chasing the balloon who was run over by the train.  Yeah, I didn't remember it either, but thanks to David Hearne's post-ep project (he's writing post-ep stories for every episode of the series), "The Calusari" is uppermost in my mind -- primarily for a line of dialogue near the end which Mulder quotes in this story. . . this incredibly frightening story had me sleeping with the lights on too.

A Unique Creation (11k) -- Lari R
    Category:  MSR  |  Rating:  G  |  Spoilers:  Requiem
    Summary:  Scully endeavors to save a precious moment to share with Mulder.
    Lara's Rec:  I love a well-written third-party POV. . . like this one.  The narrator, Stephanie, watches Scully as she shops for her baby-to-be, and her observations are sharp and beautifully expressed.  A bonus -- Lari dresses Mulder in my very favorite outfit!

An Unnatural Mother (14k) -- Agent L
    Category:  S, Teena-angst, MT  |  Rating:  Probably PG  |  Spoilers:  Demons
    Summary:  Teena Mulder's thoughts at her son's bedside shortly after the events of "Demons."
    Lara's Rec:  "Demons" is one of my very favorite episodes.  Agent L's story is a welcome post-ep fic, filling in a big gap so conveniently left for us -- what happens after the final scene at the Mulders' summer house.  Teena's thoughts drift back to the night Samantha disappeared, her guilt and pain surging forward as she realizes just how inadequate she's been -- and how much her son needs his partner.

Unthinking (12k) -- Zephathah
    Category:  VR  |  Rating:  NC-17  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  Thoughts they weren't thinking while making love.
    Lara's Rec:  An amazingly vivid little tale, detailing all those things left unspoken -- and sometimes un-thought -- while making love.  The visuals here are sensual and evocative, and Mulder & Scully are beautifully in character (especially in the last paragraph).  My favorite line really gets to the heart of who these two people are -- "The act itself was almost peripheral.  They were as close as they could get; beyond that, not much mattered."

Urges (23k) -- Ann K
    Category:  not provided  |  Rating:  R.  Lots of sexual tension, some bad words  |  Spoilers:  none
    Summary:  Scully stands at the brink of acting upon her desire for her partner, when Mulder gives her the incentive to move forward.
    Lara's Rec:  I love Horny!Scully.  She's so damned controlled most of the time on the show, I appreciate it when fic authors look beneath that cool exterior to show us the firebrand within.  Ann accomplishes this in a big way, not only giving us Horny!Scully, but Frustrated!Scully too.  Her Mulder is charming, endearing, beguiling, sexy. . . no wonder Scully's behaving the way she is.



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