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New Stories

After William (1k) -- Kel
    Category:  Angst  |  Rating:  not rated  |  Spoilers:  William
    Summary:  Everyone has a breaking point.
    Lara's Rec:  Short but razor-edged, this brief moment in Scully's life after "William" is powerful in its brevity.  The last line is especially sharp.

Ardent Hope (11k) -- ArtemisX5
    Category:  SR, MSR, H, some A  |  Rating:  R for language and sexual content  |  Spoilers:  Trust No 1
    Summary:  Scully:  not as innocent as advertised.
    Lara's Rec:  Snippets of season 7 events help put a timeline to the "Per Manum" flashbacks in this funny, sweet tale.  Artemis' Scully is as driven as we've come to expect, but she has a devious side we haven't seen before, which gives her a nice depth.  She isn't just wishing for a baby -- she's determined to have one, no matter what.  And her hope for the future isn't perfect, which is a nice touch too.

Checking the Milk (8k) -- ga
    Category:  Relentless angstorama.  Character death, and those who are still there aren't all there.  Dysfunctional DSR, mostly implied  |  Rating:  PG I guess  |  Spoilers:  Jump the Shark
    Summary:  Everybody Hurts
    Lara's Rec:  A difficult story to read.  It's that painful, like watching someone you love fall apart, knowing there's nothing you can do to help her.  But ga's Scully is perfectly in character -- someone so controlled would shatter when pushed past the point of no return.  ga's physical description of her is most haunting.

Feathers, Bones, and Shells (9k) -- Dawn
    Category:  V, A, MSR  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  The Truth
    Summary:  She will not allow this loss to remain shrouded in mystery.  She will not become Teena Mulder.
    Lara's Rec:  My favorite thing about this story is what Scully tells Mulder about William.  'Yes,' I thought, 'that's exactly what my Scully would do!'  But that's true about everything in this fic -- from Mulder's initial waking to Scully's final resolution, they're perfectly in character, finally together, drawing hope from one another.  Beautiful.

Forbidding Mourning (external link) -- MeridyM
    Category:  Post-colonization.  Angst.  Romance of a sort.  For the sake of the story, I can say no more.  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  The Truth
    Summary:  "Death and sorrow seem to be our constant companions, don't they?  But I just hope we never get to the point where we can't feel anymore.  I think that would be so much worse than the pain."
    Lara's Rec:  I'm not usually a big fan of post-colonization fic.  But every so often, one comes along that enchants me -- this one enchants me.  Meridy's painted such a vivid landscape, such a unique original character, such a wonderful portrait of one of my favorite characters, that whatever reticence I may feel for post-col fic no longer matters.  This is truly a beautiful story.

Rest or Go On (12k) -- Julie L. Jekel
    Category:  C  |  Rating:  PG  |  Spoilers:  Jump the Shark
    Summary:  In a place outside of time, the Gunmen are offered a choice.
    Lara's Rec:  A warm, gentle story.  Julie's crossed the Gunmen with one of my favorite shows and given them a noble send-off.  The guys are all completely in character, as is the man they meet here.  This is a sweet, hopeful tale.

Staying Late (4k) -- Maidenjedi
    Category:  not classified  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  One Son
    Summary:  An assistant's job is never done.
    Lara's Rec:  One of my favorite new places to hang out is a mailing list/archive called the Harem, which focuses on the supporting female characters (the Other Women) in the show.  Lots of good stories have come out of challenges on that list, more often than not posed by Maidenjedi.  This story is an answer to a Jeffrey Spender challenge, but it features one of the best portrayals of an Other Woman I've read.  Even though the character only popped up onscreen a few times, you can hear the actress' voice in Maidenjedi's words.  Outstanding work.

Sugarland (24k) -- Pacquin
    Category:  MSR, Angst  |  Rating:  R  |  Spoilers:  The Truth
    Summary:  Scully struggles with her choice; Mulder gives her another.
    Lara's Rec:  Pacquin's incredibly thoughtful story gives us a Scully who's second-guessing herself and a Mulder willing to do anything for her, anything to make her happy.  There are so many wonderful moments here, the place so vivid, the dialogue (internal and external) so true.  An exquisite story.



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